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By Christiane Ghneim
Larger family businesses in Lebanon are structured as closed joint stock companies.
By Eptalex  
One year from the signature of the Multilateral Convention, the deadline of the first exchange of information based on the OECD agreements is approaching.
By Cristina Knupfer
Banco Security has agreed to finance a portfolio of renewable energy generation projects to be developed by the joint venture between Building Energy and Scotta Group.
By Eptalex  
The support of the Italian institutions in the event shows the opportunities that the O&G sector can offer the Italian companies in the country.
By Valeria Giugliano
There are several points of interest falling from the decision of the Delhi High Court of December 12, 2017, which recently declared Christian Louboutin's ‘Red sole' a "well known" trademark.
By Francesca Ferrari
The introduction in Italy of the Jobs Act for self-employed workers (occurred with Law of May 22, 2017, no. 81, published in the Official Gazette on June 13 and enforced the following day) pursued the purpose of ...
By Francesca Ferrari, Claudia Caluori
Block-chain technology and its countless applications are a topic that is encountered on a daily basis nowadays.
By Eptalex  
With the enactment of new reforms in 2017, the UAE business setting has changed due to the issuance of new tax laws regarding tax procedures, excise and value added tax (VAT).
By Eptalex  
One of the positive effects of the new law on public-private partnerships (PPP) is a new instrument that could contribute to growth and development in Lebanon.
By Aziz Torbey
The Business Year recently interviewed Me. Aziz Torbey, founder of Eptalex Aziz Torbey Law Firm, about the long-term structural advantages of working in Lebanon and the outlook for the year ahead...
By Eptalex  
Unless you purposefully eschew pop culture, it is been hard to miss the fact that Home Box Office, better known as HBO, was recently hacked, repeatedly.
By Eptalex  
The UAE announced its intention to comply with OECD's Automatic Exchange of Tax Information (AEoI) in 2010 with the goal to begin reporting in 2018 for FY2017.
By Eptalex  
Check out The Business Year's interview with Sami Touma, Managing Partner at Eptalex-MEG Legal Services, discussing the main factors to take into consideration when doing business...
By Samantha Bradshaw
"There's been a breach!" is a quote from countless movies and television shows over the past few decades, but what happens with it's a breach into a company that has sensitive information about its customers.
By Eptalex  
Over the past few months, Lebanese policy makers have dealt with two important issues: the increase of public sector wages and the funding of the hike by increasing taxes.