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By Andrés Echevarría
If a foreign national is subject to the travel ban, he or she may still be able to enter the country by obtaining a waiver.
By Natalie Martinez
When people think of real estate, Florida tends to be one of the first places to come to mind.
By Clemente Vivanco
New competition Law 27,442 introduces several changes in the current competition law regime in Argentina, effective on or after May 24, 2018.
By Luis Esquivel
One of the pillars of President Mauricio Macri's policy program is the "modernization" of the government's functioning.
By Andrés Echevarría
Online marketplaces are growing exponentially in Argentina and the LatAm region, and regulations lag notably behind.
By Juan Sebastian Flor
Corporate Governance in a company is a concept relatively easy to define. It is the system formed by the relations between shareholders, organs of administration and of executive management...
By Gerardo Aguirre Vallejo
El 10 de Abril de 2018 el Ministro de Trabajo suscribió los siguientes Acuerdos Ministeriales que introducen al ordenamiento jurídico ecuatoriano Nuevas Modalidades Contractuales...
By Andrés Echevarría
The April 18 order comes as part of the new Administration's plan to increase scrutiny of the H-1B program to protect US jobs.
By Pieter Wasung
Deciding which is the appropriate vehicle to invest in a particular country is hardly ever an easy decision especially with so many different options in each country and throughout the world.
By Andrés Echevarría
The rule allows foreign entrepreneurs to obtain a parole status for up to 30 months to develop their start-ups in the US.
By Paul Peña
In Ecuador, the new Human Mobility Law became effective on February 6th, 2017. This new law applies to foreign nationals.
By Andrés Echevarría
Latest Executive Order No. 70/2017 introduces stricter rules affecting temporary and permanent residencies. The regulations allow cancellation of residencies on new grounds, increase post-removal inadmissibility terms, and introduce expedited removal proceedings for certain criminal cases.