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By Karishma Rammanhor
Section 37C of the Pension Funds Act 24 of 1956 governs the payment of pension benefits upon the death of a member.
By Thipa Denenga
On 25 May 2016, the National Council of Provinces passed the Financial Intelligence and Centre Amendment Bill being the final approval before a section 76 bill is delivered to the President for signature.
By Thipa Denenga
Directors of companies will have to carefully consider the manner in which they conduct the affairs of companies. Recent case law proves that courts will not hesitate to grant orders of delinquency against directors.
By Karishma Rammanhor
The duty on litigants to ensure proper service, particularly in the case of urgent applications cannot be gainsaid.
By Karishma Rammanhor
When a party institutes legal action against another party, the plaintiff is entitled to claim interest over and above the capital amount.