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By Anton Kim
What we will examine here is whether there is a legitimate way for someone in this situation to obtain retribution.
By Oybek Yuldashev, Rauf Salahodjaev, Zosia Demkowicz
Recent evidence shows that the demand for legal services is growing rapidly every year. Within 2013-14 alone the global legal services industry witnessed 4 percent growth.
By Centil Law Firm
The rapid depletion of energy sources as a result of global population growth and increased energy consumption poses a serious threat to all economies.
By Oybek Yuldashev, Rauf Salahodjaev
Over the past year, oil prices have experienced the largest drop since the 2007-2009 recession. Throughout the mid-2000s oil prices fluctuated around the psychological benchmark of $100, whilst today it seems that $30 per barrel is the new reality.
By Oybek Yuldashev, Rauf Salahodjaev, Bekhzod Omanbayev, Otabek Suleimanov, Zosia Demkowicz
Since the acronym "BRICs" was created, investment banks, wealth managers and asset managers from high-income countries have been consistently seeking to tap the unexploited potential of the developing world.
By Otabek Suleimanov, Dilshad Khabibullaev
The purpose of this construction guide is to analyse the current challenges encountered within Uzbekistan's construction industry.
By Centil Law Firm
Iran holds the world's fourth-largest proven crude oil reserves and the world's second-largest natural gas reserves.
By Dilshad Khabibullaev
Unfortunately, this process may sometimes be accompanied by instances of frivolous or vexatious litigations.
By Umid Aripdjanov
This article contains a brief overview of the key aspects of mining industry laws in the jurisdictions of Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia.
By Umid Aripdjanov, Assel Meiramgaliyeva
Fuel and energy complex is one of the major sectors within the Kazakh economy. The country ranks sixth in the world for natural resources, and 70 out of the 110 elements in the periodic table have been explored and extracted in Kazakhstan.