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By Jessi Saba, Miguel Ruelas
The European Union ('EU') ratified the Cape Town Convention and its Aircraft Protocol (together, 'CTC') in April 2009, and it entered into force in August of that same year.
By Antonio Vázquez
The purpose of the Convention was to abolish the requirement of legalization and to facilitate the use of public documents abroad.
By Viridiana Barquín
Pursuant to Article 2, of the Civil Aviation Law, "aircraft is any vehicle capable to flight autonomously in the aerospace to transport passengers, cargo or mail".
By Gerardo Reyes
In the last COELUM edition we showed the viability of an Aircraft Mortgage in Mexico, arguing that there is no article prohibiting this special kind of Mortgage.
By Misael Arellano
Departing from the fact that Rights In Rem on any aircraft must be registered before the authority of the state of its registration marks.