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By Leonard Gordon (Venable LLP), Robert Davis (Venable LLP)
A recent challenge by the FTC's Bureau of Competition to agreements that 1-800 Contacts entered into with its competitors concerning how those competitors would advertise provides useful insight..
By Kathleen Sheridan (Venable LLP), Leonard Gordon (Venable LLP)
San Francisco found itself in a sticky situation after the Ninth Circuit struck down a city ordinance that would have required soda companies and other makers of sugar-sweetened beverages...
By Amy Mudge (Venable LLP), Randal Shaheen (Venable LLP)
Consumer preference and market leadership claims exert a powerful pull on consumers.
By Ronald R. Urbach (Davis & Gilbert) LLP, Paavana Kumar (Davis & Gilbert LLP)
The defendants then used such billing information to charge consumers for unauthorized subscriptions with recurring charges.
By Matthew Vittone (FKKS)
As always, it's deceptive to misrepresent the fuel economy or driving range of an automobile.
By Ellen Berge (Venable LLP), Kathleen Sheridan (Venable LLP)
California's recent amendments also impose an entirely new requirement on businesses to provide an exclusive online cancellation method for Offers accepted online.
By Erik Ullberg (Wistrand)
The Swedish Radio and Television Act ("SRTA") contains a prohibition on advertising of alcohol and sponsorship by alcohol companies in Swedish television and radio broadcasts.
By Kelly Thompson (Adams & Adams)
The Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa has had a tough time lately. Financially strapped and forced to undertake an indfunding drive just to stay afloat, it has also had the extent of its jurisdiction challenged in court.
By Janou Kannangara (Hesketh Henry)
Delivering another blow to the New Zealand National Party who lost control of Government following the 2017 election, a recent High Court judgment has found the party liable for damages...
By Virginie Liebermann (MOLITOR)
Did you make good savings on Black Friday last November? On 24 November 2017, you could get exciting deals in-store and online.
By Felix Hofer (Hofer Lösch Torricelli)
Commercial communication often is ‘pushed to the edge' to draw attention from the targeted audience.
By Caroline Bouvier (Bernard – Hertz – Béjot), Michel Béjot (Bernard – Hertz – Béjot)
They referred to the fact that the website broadcasting the ad did not target the French audience and that the ad was not broadcast in France.
By Justina Zhang (TransAsia Lawyers)
Several new or enhanced provisions in the law could impact marketing and promotional activities in China.
By Catherine Bate (Miller Thomson), Eugenia (Evie) Bouras (Miller Thomson)
Notably, the retroactive application of the legislation has been pulled back.
By Peter Le Guay (Thomson Geer)
Many businesses today rely on social media and positive reviews to attract business. Consumers like to read reviews before staying at a hotel or holiday destination or trying a new product or service.