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By Stacy Bess
Earlier this month, the National Media Council in the United Arab Emirates announced the passage of Electronic Media Activity Regulation Resolution 2018, which creates a licensing system...
By Stacy Bess
The Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance announced today that it has released a new video series on recent developments in advertising law around the world.
As a result, at least for now, Argentina no longer requires sweepstakes and contests to be registered.
By Brenda Kahari (BW Kahari)
As Robert Mugabe loosened his grip and stepped down from power in Zimbabwe, everyone looks forward to more trade, investment and an improved economy.
By Brian Tengel (Venable LLP), Randal Shaheen (Venable LLP)
When a widespread industry practice comes under regulatory scrutiny, companies that end up in the crosshairs sometimes fall back on the "everyone does it" defense.
By Douglas Mishkin (Venable LLP), Karel Mazanec (Venable LLP)
Is your website covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act? The short answer is: possibly. This area of the law continues to evolve, with differences from jurisdiction to jurisdiction based on the type of website.
By Ian D. Volner (Venable LLP), Kathleen Sheridan (Venable LLP)
The FCC's Sponsorship Identification Rule is a close, perhaps neglected cousin of the FTC's Enforcement Policy Statement on Deceptively Formatted Advertisements, i.e., its Native Advertising Guide.
By Jeffrey A Greenbaum (Frankfurt Kurnit Klein Selz), Dorian Thomas (Frankfurt Kurnit Klein Selz)
The Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") has continued to aggressively prosecute advertisers for making "Made in USA" claims that the FTC believes are deceptive. Since President Trump's inauguration ...
By Allison Fitzpatrick (Davis & Gilbert LLP), Gary Kibel (Davis & Gilbert LLP)
A Hong Kong-based electronic toy manufacturer and its U.S. subsidiary agreed to pay the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) $650,000 to settle allegations that they violated the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) ...
By Erik Ullberg (Wistrand), Gunilla Karlsson
Marketing of alcohol through social media has increased rapidly in recent years, most likely because of consumer's increased online presence combined with the limited possibilities to market alcoholic beverages in Sweden.
By Irina Anyukhina (ALRUD), Irina Marusina (ALRUD)
For a long time there was silence regarding promotion of fast food in Russia . Advertising laws do not contain specific rules in this area ...
By Ricardo Henriques (PBBR.A)
Recent case law from Portuguese courts addressed the issue of the use of the expression "unlimited" for telecommunications services offerings advertisements, involving the Portuguese Directorate-General of Consumer ...
By Ricardo Henriques (PBBR.A)
The new Code of Self-Regulation on Commercial Communication of Foods and Beverages directed to Children, which replaced the previous Code issued by the Civil Institute ...
By Janou Kannangara (Hesketh Henry)
Following the 2017 New Zealand general election, a minority coalition government has been formed between the Labour Party (Labour) and the New Zealand First Party ...
By Ebba Hoogenraad (Hoogenraad & Haak)
The 'Doe Maar Lekker Duurzaam' ('Just Go Sustainable') campaign calls on consumers to buy sustainable products more often.