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By Dominic Morega
The Ministry of Health has adopted a set of rules for quantifying and monitoring the fulfilment of public service obligation.
By Andreea Oprișan
Relatively recently, the RCC released its final report on the second sector inquiry into the Romanian pharma market, while other investigations on the market relating to potential breaches...
By Dominic Morega
A hot summer laid on the pharma market, with new political, business or legal issues added to the chronical issues still unsettled and put significant pressure on all market players, ...
By Gabriela Anton, Patricia Enache
One particular issue has been legislators' intention to apply certain of the new legal provisions also to existing contracts, concluded prior to the entry into force of the new laws.
By Mihai Dudoiu
None of this sounds very different from the headlines of previous years, reflecting a process started by the European regulatory bodies in 2012, in response to the financial crisis.
By Gabriela Anton, Raluca Sanucean
The favourable credit market coupled with attractive interest rates led to a comeback for leveraged loans following the financial crisis.
By Bogdan Halcu
In one of our previous posts, we pointed out that personal data represents the new fuel powering the digital economy, in a context where modern society is experiencing an unprecedented data boom...
By Cristian Radu, Claudiu Filipoiu
Recently, the website of the National Office for the Prevention and Control of Money Laundering (the Office) published a bill on the prevention and control of money laundering and terrorist financing, ...
By Roxana Pana
As of April 2017, fighting online hate speech has been prioritised at EU level further to several terrorist attacks (e.g., in London, Paris, Berlin and Brussels).
By Mihai Dudoiu, Patricia Enache
Most of these aspects can be covered from a technical perspective.
By Mihai Dudoiu
2017 has seen some antagonistic forces, whose resultant seems uncertain. On the one hand, people are talking about the steps that are to be taken with a view to consolidating the single market and achieving banking union.
By Alina Nicolae, Alina Nicolae
The Romanian State scored a major arbitration victory before the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) within the World Bank in Washington. Noble Ventures, Inc. submitted its claim under the bilateral investment treaty between the United States and Romania to arbitration under the ICSID Convention in August 2001. Noble Ventures` claimed as much as USD 353 million in damages from Romania, challenging Romania’s treatment of Noble Ventures and its investment in Combin
Disputes in Romania are settled in court in the vast majority of cases, under procedures regulated mainly by the new Civil Procedure Code ('the CPC').