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By B Ayorinde & Co
The importance of criminal justice to the smooth running of any society cannot be over emphasized.
By Bolaji Ayorinde
International law is the most recent addition in the line of established legal logics and jurisprudence. The reason for this is not farfetched.
By B Ayorinde & Co
Lord Edmund –Davis in his book "Judicial Activism"1975, wrote as follows "Whatever a judge does, he will most surely have his critics
By B Ayorinde & Co
Apart from feeble attempts by health authorities and efforts of charitable organizations, little has been done in Nigeria and a host of underdeveloped and developing economies to tackle the issue of mental health and indeed the law governing that very field of Medicare.
By B Ayorinde & Co
Litigation in our Courts in Nigeria today is known to be long-winding and it is not uncommon for cases to remain in Courts of first instance for 5 years while the pursuit of a case up to the Supreme Court may take a period of about 10 years.