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By Ally Speirs
Argyle Fund SPC Inc. is a Cayman Island Mutual Fund which went into insolvent liquidation on 26 April 2016, purportedly due to significant exposure to debt factoring via investments made through two credit advisors ...
By Alric Lindsay, Francine Bryce, Jo-Anne Stephens
In response to requests from the investment funds industry, the Cayman Islands has recently introduced draft legislation for the establishment of a new type of vehicle – a Cayman Islands Limited Liability Company
By Jo-Anne Stephens, Francine Bryce
The Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands, under the provisions contained in Articles 4 and 6 of the Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order 2013, has issued a Direction to restrict the use of small unmanned aircrafts...
By Higgs & Johnson Counsel & Attorneys At Law
Questions marks are constantly raised over the performance of a trustee’s duties and whether the trustee in question has discharged its obligations in fulfilling those duties.
By Gaela Fitzgibbons
The recent implementation of the European Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive in Europe will have forced investment managers based in the European Economic Area to assess the impact of AIFMD on their businesses.
By Higgs & Johnson Counsel & Attorneys At Law
A new Patents and Trade Marks Law came into effect in the Cayman Islands on December 7, 2011.
By Higgs & Johnson Counsel & Attorneys At Law
In affirming its commitment to improving cross-border cooperation, the government of The Bahamas has on 4 August 2011 signed a Tax Information Exchange Agreement with the Republic of Korea.
By Higgs & Johnson Counsel & Attorneys At Law
We have set out below a short summary relating to the incorporation of an exempted company in the Cayman Islands along with a list of benefits and requirements.
By Higgs & Johnson Counsel & Attorneys At Law
The economic downturn has resulted in an increase in mortgage defaults and a consequential increase in mortgage possession actions.
By Higgs & Johnson Counsel & Attorneys At Law
A witness cannot be compelled to give evidence either if it is evidence that he or she could not be compelled to give in civil proceedings before the Cayman Islands Grand Court.
By Higgs & Johnson Counsel & Attorneys At Law
Until recently, a business could only be carried on in the local market place in the Cayman Islands through:
By Sarah Bolton, Gaela Bailey
Master-feeder fund structures have long been favoured by fund managers as a means of implementing a tax effective structure for both taxable and tax-exempt investors.
By Jillian Chase Jones
The Probate and Administration of Estates Act (the "Act") was assented to on 8 February, 2011 and came into effect on 1 June, 2011.
The new Securities Industry Act, 2011 (the "New Act") was passed in the House of Assembly on 18 April 2011 and was approved by the Senate.