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By Warren Drue
Challenges abound for potential Chinese investors in Africa, but so do the rewards.
By Junior Professional
The Insurance Laws Amendment Bill was published on 24 June 2013 and seeks to amend both the Long-Term Insurance Act and the Short-Term Insurance Act. The Bill relates largely to the powers of the Registrar, the licencing provisions in respect of insurers, governance and risk management requirements and to provide for the supervision of insurance groups; and clarity in respect of certain market conduct matters.
By Lavery Modise, Phetheni Nkuna
Apart from looking forward to a long break, most employees are excited about receiving bonuses. But what is a bonus? Is every employee in South Africa entitled to receiving a bonus? What happens when your employer does not pay you a bonus?
Since about 2007, both the United Nations Security Council and the United Nations General Assembly have placed sanctions on Iran because of the country's continued refusal to comply with international obligations regarding its nuclear programme.
By Michael Webb, Ranchhoojee Rajen
The legal framework governing foreign investments in South Africa
By Janine Reddi, Ian Jacobsberg
The current feud between Massmart and Shoprite regarding Shoprite's exclusive rights in terms of the lease in CapeGate shopping centre is rekindling competition concerns in the property and retail industry over what is considered common practice.
By Lavery Modise
Employees must understand the notice periods stipulated by law. When an employee gives notice of their resignation to an employer, they is advising the employer that they will cease to work for the employer from a certain date.
The risks auditors face, have increased substantially in the last few years and continue to do so.
The SCA found that the chairperson of the Gauteng Gambling Board had resorted to a stratagem of employing power of regulation for an ulterior purpose.
A company effected an insurance policy over a ship, premised on the fact that it was the sole shareholder of the owner and that in terms of an ancillary agreement it was to be vested with its ownership and therefore had the right of use of the ship in respect of which it held a fishing permit
By Junior Professional
A tenant who remains in occupation of a property despite cancellation of the lease is said to be "holding over" and is liable to the lessor for damages.
By Junior Professional
There are two ways of litigating in the High Court; by summons or by application.
By Junior Professional
The State Attorney's office is, in many places, dysfunctional.
By Junior Professional
Most sales of property require the purchaser to obtain finance by way of a loan.
By Jameel Patel
In most instances a company in business rescue will require post commencement financing.
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