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By Sai Ree Yun, Ben Hur, Gun Kim, Sam Cheol Park
The Stewardship Code is a set of principles or guidelines on fiduciary responsibilities released on December 19, 2016 by Korea Corporate Governance Service.
By Kyung Geun Lee, John Dryden, Sun Young Lee
On June 7, 2017, Korea signed the Multilateral Convention to Implement Tax Treaty Related Measures to Prevent Base Erosion and Profit Shifting at a signing ceremony hosted by the OECD in Paris.
By Yulchon LLC
우버(Uber), 에어비앤비(AirBnB) 등의 폭발적 성장은 우리나라뿐만 아니라 전세계적 으로 ‘공유경제(Sharing Economy)'에 관한 담론을 촉발시켰다. 규제의 관점에서 볼 때, 공ǽ
By Hee-Chul Kang, Sang Wook Cho, Jae Woo Park, Soojung Lee, Christopher Mandel
Newly-elected president Moon Jae-In's administration has officially begun on May 10, 2017. President Moon, a liberal who favors labor-friendly policies (and a more open policy toward North Korea)...
By Hae Sik Park, Seuk Joon Lee, Cecil Chung, Sung Bom Park, Kyoung Yeon Kim, Sung Moo Jung, Seung Hyuck Han
According to the KFTC's press release, the proposed merger does not raise competitive concerns in the seed, pesticide...
By Ben Hur, Doil Son, Myung Hong, Gun Kim
The Financial Supervisory Commission ("FSC") and Financial Supervisory Service ("FSS") of Korea first published their "Guidelines on Personal-Information Protection in the Financial Sector" in July of 2013.
By Doil Son, Kyoung Yeon Kim, Jai Wook Lee, Sun Hee Kim
On February 16, 2017, the "MSIP" announced a regulatory reform plan in the areas of artificial intelligence ("AI"), Virtual Reality ("VR") and Fintech (the "Regulatory Reform Plan").
By Chul Man Kim, Ki Young Kim, Sun Kyoung Kim, Su Yeon Lee, Ben Hur
Seoul Bankruptcy Court will be established and replace the Bankruptcy Division of the Seoul Central District Court as of March 1, 2017.
By Ki Young Kim, Raymond Kang, In Seon Choi
On June 3, 2017, Korea's version of the "Sunshine Act" will go into effect.
By Yulchon LLC
On August 24, 2016, the Supreme Court upheld a lower-court decision which found that an independent salesperson who sold and delivered dairy products for Korea Yakult Corporation...
By Yulchon LLC
In July 2016, the Daejeon District Court sentenced a former CEO, who was charged with unfair labor practices, to 10 months' imprisonment and ordered him arrested immediately...
By Yulchon LLC
In July 2016, the Seoul Administrative Court accepted the Labor Relations Commission's determination that the dismissal of an employee who had continuously shown poor performance was justified.
By Yulchon LLC
In June 2016, the Seoul Southern District Court ruled in favor of 97 former fixed-term contract employees of a broadcasting company who had been converted to indefinite-term employees.
By Yulchon LLC
In February 2016, the Supreme Court set aside a lower-court decision that had overturned the conversion of a branch of an industrial union into an independent enterprise union
By Yulchon LLC
The government announced guidelines in 2016 pushing for broader implementation of performance-based pay in the public sphere.
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