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By Fernando De Las Cuevas
Company’s acquisitions are normally carried out either by means of a shares deal (purchase of shares) or an assets deal (purchase of assets).
By Ignacio Campos Tarancon
Last 24th March 2007 the Organic Law 3/2007, for the Effective Equality of Men and Women came into force in Spain.
By Anna Garcia Castillo, Concepcion Ruixo Claramunt
The new Spanish Act 15/2007, of 3 July 2007, on the Defence of Competition (the “new SCA”) increases the competences of the Spanish competition authorities in the field of state aid.
By Carlos Vázquez
In the middle of the fifties, the installed electrical power in Spain did not exceed four thousand MW and production was just fourteen-thousand GWh. Since then, the Spanish economy has grown at rates never achieved before.
By Isabela Crespo Vitorique
The Final First Provision of Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December for Protection of Personal Data (LOPD) contemplates the competence of the Government to approve or modify the reglementary provisions necessary for application and development of the Law. Eight years have had to pass for us to see, at least, a draft Royal Decree which – under the aegis of the above mentioned Final Provision – approves the Regulation developing the LOPD.
By Joaquin Garcia-Romanillos, Joaquin Garcia-Romanillos
In January 2006 a bill has been submitted to the Spanish Parliament concerning access to the legal profession. At present when students obtain their Law degree they automatically become legal practitioners. Any Law-degree holder (the course is completed over a five-year period), may be admitted to the Bar Association as from the next day he finishes he studies and from that very moment he may act as legal counsel in any matter regardless of its nature, complexity or amount.
By Almudena Arpon de Mendivil, Almudena Arpon de Mendivil
Electronic communications have entered into a new phase. They are no longer an activity drawing strong attention because of the technological novelties and subsequent social changes.