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By Guzman Ariza Attorneys At Law
The Trust figure is regulated in the Dominican Republic by law 189-11 for the Development of the Mortgage Market and the Trust in the country.
By Alfredo A. Guzmán
On June 1st 2017, Dominican nationals and residents woke up subject to a new Money Laundering framework.
By Fabio J. Guzman Saladin
Summary: Law 141-15 pertains to restructuring and liquidation of companies and commercial persons places the Dominican Republic among the countries with the most advanced and modern legislation in the matter.
By Alfredo A. Guzmán
These internal regulations are expected to be submitted to public consultations before the end of February 2018.
By Alfredo A. Guzmán
Prior outdated bankruptcy laws in effect before Law 141-15 did not allow for the restructuring of companies in distress and merely gave way for business asset liquidations.
By Guzman Ariza Attorneys At Law
Labor relationships in the Dominican Republic are governed by the Dominican Labor Code (Law 16-92), which is characterized by its strong protection of the rights of employees.
By Guzman Ariza Attorneys At Law
This is a formal document, binding on both parties, and signed by them in the presence of a Notary Public.
By Guzman Ariza Attorneys At Law
The Dominican electricity sector is divided into three sub-sectors: generation, transmission and distribution.
By Guzman Ariza Attorneys At Law
Custom duties, established under a separate statute, are administered and collected by the Customs Agency.
By Guzman Ariza Attorneys At Law
As a result, the country has become the number one recipient of direct foreign investment in the region: 21 billion dollars' worth from 2006 to 2015.