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By Todd B. Logsdon
A Kentucky legislative leader has just taken the first step to try to resurrect the ability of employers to require employment disputes to be resolved by arbitration.
By Cynthia Doll, Ashby Angell
Women are applying to law school and graduating in larger numbers than ever before.
By Michael Marra
Global M&A activity in the fashion and luxury goods industry has been significant over the past few years, with both headline-grabbing mega acquisitions and smaller, targeted deals dotting the landscape.
By Michael Furlong
In regard to ground travel, many employees use their own vehicles to travel for business purposes.
By Darcey Groden
In her bylined article for the San Diego Daily Transcript titled "Five workplace law predictions for 2019," Darcey Groden previews five workplace law issues that employers can expect in 20
By Christopher Alvarez, Joshua Viau
A federal appeals court just announced a sweeping change for agricultural employers that will make it easier for workers to bring discrimination claims against them under a joint employment theory.
By Fisher & Philips LLP
Recent Sundance Film Festival releases, The American Factory and Untouchable, the first Weinstein #METOO documentary, illustrate workplace lessons presented by well made films.
By Jeffrey Smith
Jeffrey Smith is a partner who works with employers on their employee benefits programs, including the employee Retirement Income Security Act, or ERISA. He reminds clients that the "E" in ERISA
By Jaklyn Wrigley
Arecent Fifth Circuit Court opinion begins, "Claims of sexual harassment typically involve the behavior of fellow employees. But not always."
By Todd B. Logsdon
Safety professionals are often engaged by attorneys to work as expert witnesses to help the attorney make certain technical arguments at trial or understand technical issues in a case.
By Cheryl Pinarchick
Pay equity is a hot topic these days, as reports of gender pay gaps across the country—including within some of the most recognized companies in the world
By Lauren Fuiman Cell, Christopher Stief
With recent activity surrounding requirements for and enforcement of restrictive covenants in U.S. state legislatures, now is a good time for employers to take a fresh look at how they are using non-competes.
By Richard Meneghello
I recently wrote about the January 25 decision from the National Labor Relations Board that makes it easier for businesses to classify their workers as independent contractors (SuperShuttle DFW, Inc.).
By Shaun Voigt, Anthony Guzman, Aaron D. Langberg
A California Court of Appeal just announced a sweeping change in California's reporting time pay rules which now prohibits a common scheduling practice used by employers throughout the state (Ward v. Tilly's, Inc.).
By Charles Caulkins
The Florida Supreme Court on Tuesday blocked a Miami Beach law that would have raised the minimum wage in the city.
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