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By Lana Finney
In a decision released in March 2017, Huang v Fraser Hillary's Limited, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice used section 99(2) of the Ontario Environmental Protection Act to anchor liability...
By Michael Richards
Parents who elect to receive their benefits over an 18-month period will receive benefits at a lower rate of 33% of average weekly earnings.
By Derek J. Bell
TD Bank shareholders voted in favour of the proposal; RBC shareholders voted against the proposal.
By Don Collie
Most mineral projects that proceed to commercial production do so on the basis of certain advanced technical studies.
By Michael Styczen, P.Eng
The use of limited partnership structures is widespread in Canada, primarily as a way of achieving favourable tax treatment for joint venture and co-ownership situations.
By Leslie Frattolin
The federal election will take place on Monday, October 19, 2015. The Canada Elections Act requires employers to give employees who are qualified electors time off work so that they can vote.
By Jarrod Isfeld, Marek Lorenc
The Canadian investment fund industry has been the subject of various regulatory developments in the third quarter of 2015.
By Kelly Friedman, Tamara Hunter, Jim Halpert
The CRTC's message is loud and clear − it will impose penalties, regardless of good intentions.
By Don Collie
There is some confusion in the Canadian financial and legal marketplace about the exact state of the law regarding equity crowdfunding.
By Michael Hamata
On June 30, 2015, a law requiring unions to publicly disclose a wide range of their financial dealings passed the Senate and received royal assent.
By Craig Brusnyk
Mr. Ian Stewart worked as a load operator in a coal mine operated by Elk Valley Coal Corporation (EVCC). Both the coal mine and Stewart's position were safety sensitive.
By Graham Erion, Noam Goodman
The Expert Report dealt with laws relating to corporations, partnerships, secured lending and other commercial activities.
By Chris Bennett
Hockey players are taught a fundamental lesson at an early age: when you have the puck, keep your head up or you could end up in a world of hurt.
By Graham Erion, Brandon Barnes, Jeffrey Horswill
On July 3, 2015 Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) released its anticipated revisions to the Integrity Regime, which seeks to ensure it does business with ethical suppliers of goods and services in Canada and abroad.
By David Neave, Rebecca Von Rüti
On August 18, 2015, Madame Justice Adair of the B.C. Supreme Court refused to certify as class proceedings five separate actions...
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