The Challenge

Managed Document Review Our client, representing the trustee of a large trust, was required to disclose documents pertaining to a share value transaction dispute. Following the application of keyword searches, approximately 37,000 documents had to be reviewed within a short period of time, with the court ordered disclosure date fast approaching. The client had minimal resources with only two lawyers on the matter. While the client had originally approached Law In Order only for eDiscovery services, our Consulting team suggested that the Managed Document Review team could assist to accurately review these documents in time for the disclosure deadline.


  1. Set up the Review Platform

Our eDiscovery team processed the data and de-duplicated documents to create a smaller set. Then they uploaded the documents onto our Relativity review platform and applied keyword searches to further reduce the data set to assist the legal team.

  1. Review the Relevant Documents on an Online Database

Using the disclosure categories required in the proceedings, we developed tags on the review platform for the Review Team to code against. The Managed Document Review team then underwent a Project Briefing and training on the matter from the Review Briefing Note prepared by the client, which gave them background on the matter as well as greater insight into the review categories. The Review Team was then able to review the material, coding for general relevance and privilege as well as responsiveness to the individual categories.


The Managed Document Review team completed First Pass Review of the material in two weeks, allowing the client time to complete their own Second Level Review to meet their disclosure deadline. Without our Managed Document Review services, the client most likely would have had to hire additional staff and train them within a short period of time to complete the task. The database we provided was searchable and made it simpler for the client to access the key documents for the case. The client stated that Law In Order "made light work of a pretty tricky discovery for us".

Your Project

The large volume of time and resources necessary to ensure accurate document review can put at risk both the quality and speed of your client's outcomes, when working without the right support. Let our expert review team provide you with the resources you need for a tight turnaround.