As the labour hire licensing trend continues to sweep the nation, a friendly reminder for Victorian labour hire providers that your licence applications are due.

The labour hire licensing regime in Victoria kicked off earlier this year, but labour hire providers were given until 29 October 2019 to apply for a licence. Operating without a licence or pending application can lead to hefty fines for both the labour hire provider and anyone it does business with, so this is a deadline not to be missed.

And while you may think you're free and clear of the new licensing requirements because you're not in the business of labour hire, the definition of "labour hire services" is broad. Therefore, if your business is lending out staff or contractors in Victoria, you'd best check if you need a licence before the October deadline.

Also, a further reminder that the labour hire licence regimes are up and running in Queensland and South Australia, with application deadlines having already passed. That said, if you don't have a licence, it's better late than never!

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South Australia:

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