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The Legal Risk Management MAC combines a comprehensive collection of practice notes and other practical documents that will help you understand and navigate most aspects surrounding this diverse and rapidly changing area of law.

Whether you are involved in a high-profile Corporate Governance matter, or simply seeking to get a better understanding of how to manage internal compliance, our documents provide you with the first step of grasping what your needs are.

Navigating MAC Content:

Content selection: The “Related Guides” tab, located at top right of your screen, is your navigation hub. Core topics break down into more detailed and specific topic areas.

Search results: After selection a collated list of results can be found in the main body of the MAC page.

Document types: Two are currently available for selection:

  • Practice guide

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Title selection: Click to view full content page and to print, email or forward on. Via the right hand column, navigate to “Other Guides” and where available, to relevant “Supporting Documents”.

Follow up actions: The bottom section of each page presents a number of actionable options for users:

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In addition to the key search and filtering functionality, the Legal Risk Management MAC offers a number of other useful services, including:

  • Related articles

  • Significant recent cases

  • Useful resources, including relevant associations and sector insight

  • Upcoming events

  • Sponsor details

Our Legal Risk Management Advice Centre Experts:

CCCA Events & Resources

CBA Competition Law Fall Conference

Mar. 27, 2018
Edmonton Online

Bryan West
Partner, McCarthy Tetrault

"Managing Development Risk: Keep your clients from making the most common strategic and legal errors."

Managing Partner Roundtable: Insurance – Cyber Liability

May 17, 2018
Toronto Online

A number of high-profile and costly cyber breaches at U.S. law firms in recent years has resulted in growing demand for cyber-insurance products. Law firms have come to appreciate that they may be the next victim, may have to engage in cyber risk management and might even be named in a newspaper headline – much to their chagrin.

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Risk, in insurance terms, is the possibility that a loss or other adverse ev​​ent may potentially interfere with an organization’s ability to fulfill its objectives. Risk is also an event for which an insurance claim may be submitted.​​
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