What’s in a name? For most businesses its name defines "who you are," and how you will be perceived by customers. It is the first element of a business’ brand that reaches the customer. A Brand is your business identification, which describes your business product, services and personality. That’s why brand becomes one the most important assets for your company.

Protecting this valuable asset should be a high priority. Protecting a name as the first element of your brand, offline is quite clear. But today most businesses have a presence on the Internet for many reasons; protecting it online can be more difficult. It’s because domain name, is very unique. Many businesses currently can’t have a domain name that exactly matches its name, so business had to settle for something close. But there is another opportunity to secure and protect your business’ name.

In late 2001, six more top level domain name extensions will be released. These domains will give businesses more opportunity to protect their name, Still, as many as 2 million dot-biz names have been preregistered.

Another alternatives, is to use Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD). But although there are about 200 country TLD to choose as .com alternative, many can’t be match to be a good sounding domain name. So there only several ccTLD that can be use globally and still give good business value to business who use it.

Some of them are:



This Indonesian domain is very ideal for any website in the world. It also match in any word and language (www.getwebid.com or www.dot.web.id)



Tuavalu .tv, is the most famous ccTLD in the world. TV is the most recognized two letter symbol in the world, ideal for website with multimedia content(www.tv)



From Niue, became famous because of its "newness", and the word "nu" means "now" in Scandinavian languages (www.nu)



This Microneisan domain is ideal for fm radio station. (www.dot.fm)



Positioned as music domain, many musician from all over the world like Backerstreet Boys use this Mauritian domain (www.dot.mu or www.hot.mu)



This one of the most famous ccTLD, came from Cocos Island. More than 500.000 cc domains have been registered. (www.web.cc)



Came from Samoa, can be use as website domain. (www.website.ws)

Still, domain name is very unique. This is a rare opportunity for businesses to protect one of their most valuable assets, their name. Take advantage of this opportunity by registering your business’ name.

Ran out of depleted .com?. The .WEB.ID Domain is a new domain name, with vast, wide-open availability so they can register any names as many as they might want to have.

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