Within  the framework of the Dialogue meeting for Production and Labor, on November 23 the importance of strengthening the creation of work process observed in recent months, such as preserving the existing work position was agreed, and  the business sector agreed to avoid  unjustified dismissals up to March 2017.

The principal aspects of the agreement are:

  • The deed of agreement signed on November 23 recognized the behavior of the signature parts to "avoid" unjustified dismissal.
  • This commitment extends from the signing until the month of March of 2017.
  • As was clearly expressed in the Agreement, its sprit is to avoid unjustified dismissal; justified dismissals and other forms of labor contract finalizations, are not included in the Agreement.
  • It highlighted the word "avoid" because it is not an express prohibition, but in the event that the signatory entities do not fulfill the agreement, different types of individual labor contingencies, multi individuals or collectives may come into effect. 
  • The agreement's scope extends to all signatory entities as well to those business chambers and/or companies that are affiliated to any of the signatory entities.
  • As long as the employees not found represented by any union entity (as is the case of employers out of agreement), or that are represented by an union entity that is not joined to the General Labor Confederation (for example the employers representing by the "CTA"), it could be concluded that they were covered by the agreement. 

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