1. Types of Joint Ventures:

a. Incorporate a new entity.

b. Executing a partnership agreement.

2. Most relevant forms of entities used to structure a joint venture:

a. Stock corporation (sociedad anónima).

b. Investment promotion stock corporation (sociedad anónima promotora de inversión).

c. Limited-­‐liability company (sociedad de responsabilidad limitada)

d. Business trust (fideicomiso empresarial).

3. Partnership agreement:

a. Undisclosed partnership agreement (asociación en participación).

b. Collaboration agreement (contrato de colaboración).

4. Our work in joint venture may include any type of joint venture with:

a. Petróleos Mexicanos.

b. Comisión Federal de Electricidad.

c. Domestic and foreign companies.

5. Our work in a joint venture may include:

a. All the negotiations with the counterpart of the potential joint venture.

b. Prepare a detailed due diligence of the companies that may participate in the joint venture.

c. Negotiation of the terms and conditions of the preliminary agreements.

d. Preparation of the final draft of the by laws of the new entity, the trust agreement or the undisclosed partnership agreement applicable to the joint venture.

e. Prepare the shareholders agreements applicable to the joint venture.